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A new adventure...

In January, I joined the talented team at DoveTail games as a Junior Audio Designer!

What am I doing?

I'm supporting the development of Train Sim World 3 DLCs; recording, editing and implementing audio assets for use within new routes!

What DLCs have I worked on?

  • North-Eastern Corridor: New York - Trenton

(Environment audio & implementation, tutorial VO edits & mastery tile audio & implementation)​ 

[Interested? Read more]

  • Linke Rheinstreke - Mainz-Koblenz

(Environment zonal / detail audio sound design & implementation, station audio, occlusion & reverb implementation)​ 

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  • Peak Forest - Ambergate-Buxton & Chinley

(On-location environment ambience recording & implementation, VO editing, station audio & occlusion implementation & railway crossing audio - Releasing 9th May!

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  • Manchester - Hadfield & Glossop [In-Dev]

Route research documents, Detail & zonal ambience editing & implementation (Including a tune for Warehouse project area noise & an ice cream van).

A recording trip to record station ambience along the line is also to be planned!


Ambience upgrades! I spent some time developing functionality to have tree wind & bird sounds aswell as programming some detailed logic into detail sounds to make them feel more life-like & dynamic; reacting to the current weather & time of day/month during playtime! 

I'm also developing various other weather ambience-related sound systems that we can use and the copy to future routes!

[Interested? Read more]

There's plenty more in the pipeline to be excited about!

Stay up-to-date with the TSW3 socials! As I'll obviously only be updating this page once they've announced something there first...

My blueprints

I seem to have developed somewhat of a reputation within the department for the level of detail that I go into during my design & implementation.

Here are some of the blueprints I created for the Manchester-Glossop route:


I created the sounds for an industrial estate ambience that took weather, time of day and season into account.

In this case it was busy during the day and quiet at night, with foxes coming out to explore.

If it was raining during the day, the vehicles would be splashing through puddles and at night the foxes stay hidden so they don't get wet.

You can also hear the rain hitting the corrugated rooves of the estate. Once it stops raining, the foxes will come back out and start barking as long as it's still dark.


Cricket / bowls club






Water treatment plant


Golf course

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