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UE4 & Audio Systems Practice

Practicing using Unreal Engine $, blueprints & Sound cues to ensure I have a good understanding of UE4 systems in hopes of entering the industry

After completing an implementation-based sound test from a really exciting job opportunity, I wanted to explore UE4's systems further. As I was able to prove my understanding of UE4 and its systems in my test. However, I wanted to further ensure that I'm the very best I can be from the start should I join their team. As it's a fantastic opportunity to get into the industry with an immensly talented and welcoming team and for a game that relates very much to my life-long fascinations and childhood hobbies.

I've had a play about with UE4 and vehicle sounds as I wanted to understand the systems that go into vehicles sounds. It's actually quite easy and I look forward to experimenting with this more in the future. Hopefully with more samples as I've used 3 for this example, but I can imagine having multiple samples for many more speed variations would help create an extremely in-depth sound with seamless transitions.

Here's the sound cue for the car engine, It's 3 car sounds that I found online as I just wanted to test the implementation as opposed to practicing recording car sounds. Continuous modulators allow for the pitch of each to be altered based off of the value of the 'RPM' value. 

The crossfade by parameter node then uses the 'RPM' value from within the car blueprint to control the blending of each sample so that the samples better match the speed of the car.

I also figured out a method of adding skidding sounds, it's not perfect but I'm sure with a few tweaks it'll be decent. I added a looping skid sound to my sound cue and used a crossfade parameter to alter the volume based on speed. 


Here's the part of the car blueprint that controls the 'RPM' parameters inside the sound cue. 

It gets the speed of the car and converts it to an absolute value, this is then fed into the set float parameter node to control the crossfade and modulator nodes inside the sound cue.



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