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Demo Reel

Games on this page:

Interspersed, Horizon Zero Dawn, Battlefield 2042, Half-Life: Alyx & Half-Life 2

What have I done?

Interspersed - Original Sound design, Foley, Music, Ambience, Dialogue Processing, UI, notification sounds & In-engine Implementation using C# (Unity).

Horizon Zero Dawn - Sound design, Foley, Ambience (Redesign)


Battlefield 2042 - Sound design, Foley, Ambience, Dialogue, UI & Notification sounds (Redesign)

Half-Life: Alyx - Sound Design, Foley, Ambience (Redesign)

Half-Life 2 - Sound design, Foley, Ambience & Dialogue processing (Redesign)


As part of my final year-long double-weighted module, I decided to create a demo reel of my sound design work to showcase my ability.

I'm proud to say that this final project was graded a 90/100.

I also made videos for my social media channels which cover my sound design and technical implementation for a few of the games I worked on this year. 

I'm happy to say that I've since graduated University with a First Class degree in BA (Hons) Music Production

Demo Reel

This was a real test of my ability developed during University as I didn't make use of any sound libraries for this. Admitedly, I didn't know about them / how I'd make use of them in my work. So all of the sounds in this reel were created from source recordings that I'd done myself, in and around my flat / Manchester. 

Since joining DoveTail, I've learned how sound libraries fall into the workflow and what they actually provide to the sound design process.

You can find my latest work via the Train Sim World & Catan pages.

Implementation & Design Process

Implementation & Design Process

Game Audio Module Submission Video // January 2022 //

My video submission for my game audio module at Uni which was graded a 95/100. I explain my sound design choices and explain my implemenation process in Unity.

Processing & Implementation Social Media Series
// November 2021 - April 2022 //

FMOD Processing & Implementation Social Media Series
// August 2022 - Present //


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