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Demo Reel

Games on this page:

Interspersed, Horizon Zero Dawn, Battlefield 2042, Half-Life: Alyx & Half-Life 2

What have I done?

Interspersed - Original Sound design, Foley, Music, Ambience, Dialogue Processing, UI, notification sounds & In-engine Implementation using C# (Unity).

Horizon Zero Dawn - Sound design, Foley, Ambience (Redesign)


Battlefield 2042 - Sound design, Foley, Ambience, Dialogue, UI & Notification sounds (Redesign)

Half-Life: Alyx - Sound Design, Foley, Ambience (Redesign)

Half-Life 2 - Sound design, Foley, Ambience & Dialogue processing (Redesign)


As part of my final year-long double-weighted module, I decided to create a demo reel of my sound design work to showcase my ability.

I'm proud to say that this final project was graded a 90/100.

I also made videos for my social media channels which cover my sound design and technical implementation for a few of the games I worked on this year. 

I'm happy to say that I've since graduated University with a First Class degree in BA (Hons) Music Production

Demo Reel

Implementation & Design Process

Implementation & Design Process

Game Audio Module Submission Video // January 2022 //

My video submission for my game audio module at Uni which was graded a 95/100. I explain my sound design choices and explain my implemenation process in Unity.

Processing & Implementation Social Media Series
// November 2021 - April 2022 //

FMOD Processing & Implementation Social Media Series
// August 2022 - Present //


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