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Code Slicer


Sound Designer, Songwriter & Producer


Sound Design, Foley, Music and implementing audio-based features using FMOD & C#.


May 2023


First-Person Slasher




After graduating form university, I wanted to continue working with the Beetroot Brotherhood team from Falmouth university on their next project.

Code Slicer came from our summer prototyping phase and kept me busy while searching for a position in the industry. Which thankfully came in January 2023. Lawrie was there to take on the full project once I had to shift my focus to my work and he did a great job aswell.

I'm proud to have developed 2 quality games with Beetroot Brotherhood and hope to see them in the industry soon! 

After all of our hard work during the prototyping phase, we decided to continue working on the prototype which we've named 'Code Slicer'.

Check out some of the work I did for the prototype with the button below

While the team were having a review period, I decided to create a splash screen intro and a main menu for the game.

I've been working on the ambience for the main menu scene to bring it to life. I still need to get some traffic sounds designed but I thought I'd share my progress!

The logo itself was created by one of our artists, Denise. I then created the animation using Blender and the sound using Reaper & FL Studio.

The art assets were designed by our other artists: Alfred, Lenny & Otto. I then used their assets to build the 3D scene seen in the menu, with Alfred's help to add some nicer wall grunge and reflections.

I've added a few fun animation sequences into the menu, implementing my own sounds to match. The can and paper rolling sounds required writing a script in C# to track the object's velocity and alter an attached volume parameter sheet within FMOD.

I created my own testing scene within our Unity proiect to allow me to test and demonstrate sounds in context. I also just enjoyed building my own scene and making it look pretty. Here's a quick walkthrough of what I've implemented so far:

On the production side of features, I've implemented the ability to disable / enable line casts for debugging audio occlision.

As it would previously draw line casts to all audio sources to display line-of-sight. This got extremely messy with a lot of sources, so I've implemented the ability to turn them on / off on each source for testing.


Extremely messy with a lot of audio sources.



All cleaned up, now with the ability to enable line casts on specific sources to debug properly.


Dataslates introduce lore into the game. One of our writers, Adam, wrote the dialogue and I've designed, voiced & processed it. 

Here's what I've made so far:

Dataslate 1Rhys Lampard
00:00 / 00:32
Dataslate 2Rhys Lampard
00:00 / 00:50


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