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London Fashion Week 2022


Songwriter / Producer


To write a 10 minute piece of music to be played alongside the London Fashion Week runway show segment for the brand "Pretty Affluent"


19th February 2022


St John's Church, Hyde Park, London


I was given this fantastic & unique opportunity by Frances, the founder & designer of the fashion brand, "Pretty Affluent".

I was given a brief which included various aesthetics aswell as a time requirement. I produced a couple of ideas which I showed to Frances, who said that she liked both. 

I then went ahead and blended both together, by using the average BPM of the 2 ideas and creating blending areas withint the track to smoothly transition between the ideas.

Overall, Frances of "Pretty Affluent", aswell as myself, were extremely pleased with the final piece, and it was an enjoyable experience.

Pretty Affluent // 2022Rhys Lampard
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