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Game Audio Module Project


Sound Designer, Songwriter, Producer


As part of my Sound & Music for games module at University, I was given a game project with all of it's audio completely removed, I then had to create my own sound design & music for the aesthetic I felt it needed with full creative freedom to create and implement whatever I wanted.

I had to implement the audio by myself in-engine, once again, with full freedom as to how in-depth I could go with the implementation

I used this as an opportunity to display my compitence and created sounds for everything that had audio in the un-slienced project, plus more, adding sounds to objects and the environment along with player actions and a fully dynamic soundtrack that adapts to the player's progress that weren't in the original project, thanks to my familiarity with Unity and C#. 


Jan 2022


BIMM Manchester


Andrew Coggan


95/100 - 1st

Sound Design

SFX Health Loss & GainRhys Lampard
00:00 / 00:03
SFX Large Box Crumbles (8)Rhys Lampard
00:00 / 00:18
SFX Health Crate OpenRhys Lampard
00:00 / 00:04
SFX Staff PickupRhys Lampard
00:00 / 00:01
SFX Grass Heavy Footsteps (12)Rhys Lampard
00:00 / 00:05
SFX RespawnRhys Lampard
00:00 / 00:09
SFX Mud Footsteps (12)Rhys Lampard
00:00 / 00:06
SFX Shield Deflects (8)Rhys Lampard
00:00 / 00:07
SFX Power Staff Swings (4)Rhys Lampard
00:00 / 00:04
SFX Small Box Crumbles (8)Rhys Lampard
00:00 / 00:15
SFX Pressure Plates (2)Rhys Lampard
00:00 / 00:06
SFX Staff Stone Impact (8)Rhys Lampard
00:00 / 00:05
SFX Stone Footsteps (12)Rhys Lampard
00:00 / 00:06
SFX Crystal Pickup Chimes (3)Rhys Lampard
00:00 / 00:12
SFX Crystal PickupRhys Lampard
00:00 / 00:02
SFX Dormant CrystalRhys Lampard
00:00 / 00:33
SFX Stone Doors (3)Rhys Lampard
00:00 / 00:24
SFX Floating CrystalRhys Lampard
00:00 / 00:15


MX Music LayersRhys Lampard
00:00 / 01:58
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