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Catan: Console Edition

Released: 28th February 2023

I've been assisting the development of Catan (Console Edition) by designing and implementing audio for upcoming updates.


What have I done?

I was tasked with designing and implementing the audio for the 'Helpers of Catan' DLC aswell as making some well-needed improvements to core audio.

A list of required sounds was drafted up and I was given complete creative freedom while designing the sounds. I even went into the stretch goals as I made some fantastic progress within the time I was originally given. I was then granted even more time to continue my development which allowed me to make many more core audio improvements aswell as adding in some features that I wanted to make. Gotta love creative freedom!

I produced multiple drafts of each sound, before presenting them to decide which version of each sound to use.

Have a listen to what we used:


Did you know?

You're able to zoom in on the board with the camera and hear what the characters are doing! I've never seen anyone use the camera move / zoom features in any videos so thought I'd highlight it here! 

When I was brought onto Catan (Console Edition) to design the audio for the helpers DLC & redo core audio, adding sounds to the characters on the board was something unplanned that I thought would be cool to have. Nifty little detail isn't it?

Check it out in the vid below...

I was brought back onto Catan to design & implement the audio for the next DLC, 'Cities & Knights'!

This was a much larger task than what I did for the core audio overhaul & the helpers of Catan DLC, but I had a great time working with the team to do it.

I'll have to talk about it more as it was quite an elaborate expansion to work on and required me to develop quite a few new systems in order for the audio to work how I wanted. 

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