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Peak Forest - 
Ambergate-Buxton & Chinley

What did I do?

I joined this DLC slightly later than the others in the team as I was working on a different DLC at the time. 

I recorded the bird sounds on-location, at the Monsal Dale Headstone Viaduct as well as implementing them into the zonal ambience. I actually did this trip in my own time as my parents were visiting and I thought it would be a nice day out anyway.

I spent most of my remaining time during this DLC working on implementing station footstep material sounds, reverb and audio occlusion. 

While on my little trip to Peak Forest IRL, I noticed there was some dripping moss to the side of the route. I recorded it and implemented it into the exact same spot in-game that it was recorded from aswell as scattering it along the route on various rock faces.

They use the global wetness variable to increase the volume of the dripping sound during and after rain.

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