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Linke Rheinstrecke -

What did I do?

My first full-development-cycle DLC. I assisted in researching the route so we knew what sounds would be needed on the route; giving us a good idea of how much work was ahead and giving us a checklist of things to do.

I implemented half of route's environmental and station audio; Implementing footstep material sounds, station announcement systems, reverb and audio occlusion zones. 

I created a few of my first detail sound cues, for:

  • Yatcht club - The sound of boats sloshing in the water with their masts swaying and clanging

  • Tennis court - Tennis games take place during the day, as long as it's tennis season

  • Quarry - Drilling & rock transport during working hours

  • Public toilet - Hand dryers, toilet flushes & a 0.01% chance of an immensly quiet fart. Had to be the first! It may be low, but it's probably played for someone without them knowing!

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