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Rhys Lampard

A Manchester-based Sound designer, Songwriter & Producer // Working at DoveTail Games
I have a passion for games and love recording, designing and implementing my own audio in-game



LIRR Commuter: New York - Long Beach, Hempstead & Hicksville

Environmental audio (Complete route overhaul + The New Long Beach branch), collectible audio, scenario audio, mastery tile audio & implementation


Semmeringbahn : Wiener Neustadt - Mürzzuschlag

Environmental audio, rolling stock tweaks / fixes, BMZ audio implementation


Demo Reel


Train Sim World 4


Train Sim World 4

Sound design & implementation 

My first double-A release! I worked on the audio design & implementation for this game from the start of it's audio development. I've brought innovation and further polish to the game's core & existing audio features. Click to read about my work!


Catan (Console Edition)


Catan: Console Edition

Sound design & implementation using Unity & FMOD

I took on the sound design for Catan's core audio overhaul & future DLC. I had a great time working on it, improving the core audio quality aswell as creating & implementing the audio for the Helpers DLC and Cities & Knights DLC.


Train Sim World 3


Train Sim World 3

Sound design & implementation

I joined DoveTail Games in January 2023 and have been heavily involved in the development of Train Sim World 3's 2023 DLC line-up.

The majority of my work has been on route audio, where I've recorded, edited, designed & implemented audio to create more immersive, dynamic & overall, more detailed route audio. I've been developing new systems for future use that really raise the bar for the quality that we provide.


Code Slicer


Code Slicer

Sound Design, Foley, Dialogue processing, C# Programming and implementing audio-based features in-engine (Unity & FMOD) & general feature programming

I wanted to keep working on projects after graduating from University and with the Beetroot brotherhood entering their final year of Uni, I was able to stay with them while I searched for a job!

I also did a little bit of animation & level design for the splash-screen & main menu scene.

I was heavily involved throughout the prototyping phase, into the early development. I developed a lot of the systems which lay the foundation for the audio implementation as development progressed. I stopped working on this project when I joined DoveTail games in January, however had a great 8-months working on this and the team did a great job!





Sound Design, Foley, Music, Dialogue processing, C# Programming and implementing audio-based features in-engine (Unity) & General feature programming (Including the development of Sandbox mode)

As part of my final module of University, I have partnered up with the Beetroot Brotherhood development team over at Falmouth University to create and implement my own music & sound design work into a game that they are developing as part of their study

The fantastic concept art displayed above is by one of the team's artists, Lenny Chilcott


Planet Rebirth

Planet Rebirth

Planet Rebirth

Main musical theme, Environment ambience, Dialogue Processing, UI Sounds

As part of my second Game Jam; continuing my work with the same development team as my previous Game Jam. I enjoyed working with a now, familiar development team and was able to develop my work further


Goo Easy

Goo Easy

Goo Easy

Main musical theme & final level/credits music, Environment ambience, Enemy sounds, Slime impact sounds, UI Sounds

The first Game Jam, simultaneously the first game I've ever worked on. It was great to get to work with a proper team and I thoroughly enjoyed working on this project


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