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What DLCs have I worked on?


  • East-coast Mainline: Peterborough - Doncaster

(Environment audio & implementation, Flying Scotsman whistle, Class 801 edits)​ [Click to read more]

  • Antelope Valley Line: Los Angeles - Lancaster

(Environment audio, Rotem passenger car / Cab car edits & implementation)​ 

[Click to read more]

  • Passenger Anim Upgrades

(Audio design & implementation for passenger animations)​

[Click to read more]


  • Maintalbahn : Aschaffenburg - Miltenberg

(Environment audio, mastery tile audio & implementation)​ 

  • LIRR Commuter: New York - Long Beach, Hempstead & Hicksville

(Environmental audio (Complete route overhaul + The New Long Beach branch), collectible audio, scenario audio, mastery tile audio & implementation)

  • West Somerset Railway Overhaul (Side-project)

(Route ambience remake & overhaul, Loco fixes & improvements)

[Click to read more]

  • Bahnstrecke : Salzburg - Rosenheim

(Loco-related polish & tweaks)

  • Semmeringbahn : Wiener Neustadt - Mürzzuschlag

(Environmental audio, rolling stock tweaks / fixes, BMZ audio implementation)

[Click to read more]

  • Class 380

(Audio edits & implementation)

  • Class 314 Polish (For the Cathcart remaster alongside the Class 380)

(RVV to RVA Conversion, re-mixing, occlusion tweaks & implemented cab radiator / oscillating fan sound)

There's plenty more in the pipeline to be excited about!

Stay up-to-date with the TSW socials! As I'll obviously only be updating this page once they've announced something there first...

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