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UE5 & Wwise Practice

Practicing using Unreal Engine 5, blueprints & Wwise so I can transition into the industry without issue

Now that I've graduated and am looking to start my career as a sound designer, I know it's important that I understand as much as I can prior to starting a position.

Here's what I'm doing:

- I've swapped to Reaper for my sound design work as it's more widely used within the industry, I've also found it to be extremely intuative and love it so far!

- I've been familiarising myself with Unreal Engine, as I'd previously only used Unity. 

- I've also been learning Wwise by integrating it into a UE5 project, which also enables me to familiarise myself with blueprints. I've had no trouble using Wwise, as having used FMOD, I have been able to re-apply that knowledge of features to the Wwise interface.

I created a 'random container' which contains my gunshot sounds, more of these can also be created to incorporate weapon mechanical noise, bullet casing sounds, etc aswell.

Additional pitch and time offsets can be appied and automated within the container property editor.


I then assigned the random container to an event within the event property editor called 'Play_Gun_Test'. The event can then be called in-engine, which will then trigger all of the assigned random containers to play.


Within the SoundBank Manager, I assigned the container that contains my sounds to play.


In UE5, I created folders to organise the banks & events that I'll be creating


I created the banks and events to put into these folders, assigning them to their sources as listed within Wwise.


Within the weapon blueprint, I implemented the Wwise 'Post Event at Location' node; assigning it to the correct event name to trigger the correct sound.


My sounds now trigger and play within UE5! (Demonstrated using sounds from an old project)


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