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What have I done?

What DLCs have I worked on?

  • North-Eastern Corridor: New York - Trenton

(Environment audio & implementation, tutorial VO edits & mastery tile audio & implementation)​ 

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  • Linke Rheinstreke - Mainz-Koblenz

(Environment zonal / detail audio sound design & implementation, station audio, occlusion & reverb implementation)​ 

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  • Peak Forest - Ambergate-Buxton & Chinley

(On-location environment ambience recording & implementation, VO editing, station audio & occlusion implementation & railway crossing audio

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  • Manchester - Hadfield & Glossop

Route research documents, Detail & zonal ambience editing & implementation (Including a tune for Warehouse project area noise & an ice cream van).

A recording trip to record station ambience along the line is also to be planned!


Ambience upgrades! I spent some time developing new functionalies aswell as programming some detailed logic into detail sounds to make them feel more life-like & dynamic; reacting to the current weather & time of day/month during playtime! 

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There's plenty more in the pipeline to be excited about!

Stay up-to-date with the TSW socials! As I'll obviously only be updating this page once they've announced something there first...

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